Client Testimonials

See what my trainees have learned from our work together:

Anna has been accompanying me for more than a year. She taught me lots of methods to treat the time accurately and effectively. Her system of time management changed my work approach and speeded my personal and professional growth. I have learned to respect myself and to set priorities. I really appreciate her delicate way of accompanying me in my self-exploration. It is an exciting journey of self-discovering and self-respect, and I am happy to share it with Anna.


Cultural Manager

My weekly sessions with Anna inspire and discipline at the same time. She inspires in that she doesn’t pretend to know what’s right for me, but asks questions and makes suggestions for what I could try. She also disciplines in that she asks if I tried something I told her I would. More than a friend and definitely not some sort of know-it-all guru, she helps me set priorities and make decisions that are all mine.               




Since our paths crossed, Anna has always been there for me. She has an amazing talent to make me see things from a fresh perspective. She’s never judgemental and doesn’t say even if she knows the answer, but instead stands besides you all calm and understanding, letting you figure out the answer to your problems yourself with a help of her wise questions. Just hearing her voice calms me down, to be honest.                                                                         


PR and Communications Manager


No doubts – habits are a huge part of our life. Though, many of us face an issue: we either overcomplicate things when it’s not necessary or underestimate the importance of keeping track of vital habits and their influence on our life. Both with good and […]
During one of my life sessions I received a question from a trainee: How do you know what recharges you? As for me, I make sure to train as recommended to keep my body and mind healthy, but I feel even more tired after the training […]
Ever felt like one thing leads to another and at some point you find yourself at the bottom of everything? Last week I was on a quite intense vacation: road trip, 4 adults and an active toddler (You guessed right, I was also working during the […]

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If you feel like your desires and ambitions don’t get enough of your attention to become true, maybe it’s time to revive your mindset and develop a more productive structure for your days, along with clarity about the goals that are truly yours. My guidance means intense work on your side, but it creates space in your schedule and energy in yourself, instead of becoming yet another thing on your endless to-do list.

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