Hi there!

I am Anna, your personal motivator and development strategist. Your confidence boost to get going with something you have been long thinking about. Your encyclopedia and toolbox you will need on the way towards a happier, more balanced and efficient you!

I am not a mental coach. Not a personal trainer. Not a career consultant. But I do use techniques from all these professions to assist you in identifying your true goals, deciding on your optimal ways to reach the goals, and finding the tools to help you on this exciting journey.

My professional background  is in project management, meaning I can support you with many tools for effective planning, efficient work, and successful time management. My passion is personal development and growth. I can help you reflect on your experiences and analyse your feelings, draw conclusions, define actions and implement them – with the goal of becoming a better and happier version of yourself.

I have lived in different countries, finding synergies between local community and my background. I have worked for global companies with culturally diverse teams. I know several languages, travelled in over 30 countries. I have successfully run cultural and educational projects in my free time. All my experiences have led me to a deep understanding of human nature, the essence of self-leadership and the importance of effective communication. I am very eager to share my knowledge and insights with you, and keep learning through our work as well!

I have been guiding friends and acquaintances in my free time for several years now. And seeing all the amazing results in their development and improved life satisfaction, I made a decision to follow my passion and offer help to more people. This journey is always a learning one for both parts – me and my clients. I keep picking up new insights from the trainees just as much as they learn from me. I love this process of expanding our horizons together and am looking forward to do so with you as well!