Hi there!

I am Anna, your personal motivator and development strategist. Your confidence boost to get going with something you have been long thinking about. Your encyclopedia and toolbox you will need on the way towards a happier, more balanced and efficient you!

I am not a mental coach. Not a personal trainer. Not a career consultant. But I do use techniques from all these professions to assist you in identifying your true goals, deciding on your optimal ways to reach the goals, and finding the tools to help you on this exciting journey.

Are you dreaming of feeling more in control and at peace with your life? Do you often go to bed after a busy day feeling like the number of things on your plate just grew throughout the day? Do others see you as a person who “has it all” while you feel you don’t even have yourself?

Or are you a leader in an organisation and guiding a team of high performing employees? Do you see a risk of your team burning out, but are not sure how exactly to support them? Then let me tell you: you are not alone. Neither does it have to stay that way!

My mission is to empower more professionals to thrive as leaders at work and at home, contribute to the inspiring diverse work environment, without compromising their well-being.

I help high performers to manage their energy, time, and expectations. I teach them to elevate themselves using their inner compass and to leap to the next level in all aspects of their lives. My clients turn their ambitions and perfectionism from being a stress factor to start serving them in a good way, creating positive ripple effects for people around them. Having more high-performing, diverse teams with strong leadership benefits everyone – the teams, their employer, family, and society.

✅ Coach in personal and team development, communications, and self-leadership

✅ Passionate about self-development

✅ Life-long learner

✅ Culture enthusiast

✅ Genuinely curious about people, willing to see and understand them as they are

✅ Global citizen with a Ukrainian heart