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Mindshifting Experience

never feel alone on your journey again

Long-term, deep work with individuals is how it all started for me as a Mindshifter. This offer is my signature way of working with high-performing, ambitious male leaders who have lost hope of being happy again.

The most valuable support you could have

In the Mindshifting Experience, you never feel like just a client, a diagnosis, or a number. We build a much warmer and more meaningful relationship.

This 6-month private coaching container is designed to help you build a healthy, productive life and career that you love.

My mission is to help you choose to live happily, and Mindshifting Experience is the way to change your life for the better, in a gentle and supported way. With results that will stay with you for decades to come.

You were probably taught that you can’t have it all.

But here is the secret…

Life is about being both and.

You can be successful in your career and have a happy personal life.

You get to love your work and have completely unrelated hobbies.

You are allowed to be the support your employees need and invest in getting support yourself.

It’s OK (and natural) to be strong and vulnerable.

And the truth is:

There is no right and wrong way to live your life. There is one that’s true to you and others that are not.

With my Sustainable Leadership Navigator framework, you get to develop the best cheerleading team within, along with building a strong inner compass that will help navigate the stormy seas of life.

You learn to be selfish in a way that feels good and contributes to your performance, well-being and relationships.

You have a space and time in your week to
explore yourself and learn to be vulnerable.

You are listened to in an empowering way.

You are supported while you are rewiring your
behavioural patterns.

Your ways of thinking are challenged.

We work together long enough for me to learn your patterns inside out. It becomes easy to call you out when they arise again in new shapes and forms. I equip you with many self-leadership and productivity tools and teach you how to use each of them.

Over the months of the Experience, you’ll inevitably face real-life situations where you will need to apply these tools. And I will be by your side to support and guide you. It becomes easy to know when and how to apply any of the tools on your own. You learn how to stay true to yourself and reclaim your true happiness.

What my clients say:

I’ve increased my company revenue while decreasing the number of projects we work on. And I started taking days off (and send my team home) when it’s good weather outside!

There's better communication and more respect for my time. I set better boundaries with people that I'm around, which has really made a big difference.

I’ve been able to get more projects in, turn more projects down that I didn't want to take on. And make more money on fewer projects.

When I talk to Anna - I actually get heard. She understands the headspace I'm coming from. And that makes a big difference.

I am now more positive, more confident and less hesitant to express myself.

The key part of the Experience is that it’s all about me.

As you see, my clients feel supported and get to gently change their lives to the better.

And I am committed to doing the same for you!

Mindshifting Experience includes:

Three 55-minute calls per month (18 in total), with a monthly implementation week

Access to me via a private Slack channel, to keep you moving forward and feel supported between the calls

Monthly group events with me and guest experts

Templates, mini-courses, and other materials customized to your needs and growth journey

I promise to show up fully present and committed to your success. The question is whether you are ready to do the same for yourself.

€6800 (paid in full)

or 6 monthly payments of €1200

I am interested