• Research Overview
    5th May 2017, Seminar at Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
  • Modelling Behavioural Requirements and Alignment with Verification in the Embedded Industry
    20th Feb 2017, Modelsward 2017
  • 10-Minute Research Overview
    14th Oct 2016, Papyrus Industry Consortium Webinar
  • Team Teaching (with Håkan Burden)
    25th Oct 2016, Chalmers, Gothenburg University, Computer Science Education seminar
  • Model-Driven Software Engineering in the openETCS Project: Project Results and Lessons Learned
    6th Oct 2016, 19th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2016)
  • Team Teaching (with Håkan Burden)
    28th Sep 2016, University teaching and learning course (faculty), Chalmers University
  • Verdict Machinery: On the need to automatically make sense of test results
    19th July 2016, International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis 2016 (ISSTA 2016)
  • Model-based requirements engineering in the automotive industry: challenges and opportunities
    18th March 2016, Licentiate thesis presentation and defence
  • The life of a PhD student
    10th March 2016, Phd Mingle at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Comparing Comprehensibility of Modelling Languages for Specifying Behavioural Requirements
    28th September 2015, First International Workshop on Human Factors in Modeling (HuFaMo’15)
  • Assessing the State-of-Practice of Model-Based Engineering in the Embedded Systems Domain
    1st October 2014, 17th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2014)
  • Automotive Model-Driven Requirements Engineering
    3rd September 2014, Poster at MDD4DRES Summer School
  • Modelling WLTP Gear Shift Requirements as MSDs
    13th March 2014, AVL Requirements Engineering Workshop, Crystal Project workshop
  • ScenarioTools Real-Time Play-Out for Test Sequence Validation in an Automotive Case Study
    5th April 2014, 13th International Workshop on Graph Transformation and Visual Modeling Techniques (GT-VMT 2014)
  • Detecting Performance Bad Smells for Henshin Model Transformations
    29th September 2013, 2nd Workshop on the Analysis of Model Transformations (AMT) 2013