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It’s time to choose happiness over status or buck in the bank

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Being a leader is often a lonely journey.

There is no one to share your concerns with, nobody to help you explore different paths to go. You’ve got to know all the answers. Cause that’s your job, right?

So you’ve climbed that ladder. Started your company. Working on something purposeful. You’ve got a life partner, a house, a car people follow with their eyes when you drive by.

You often wonder - is it worth it?

Am I doing what I am supposed to do?

What makes me a good leader?

Will I look back and be proud of what I have done?

Will I have my dear ones and my health to enjoy success?

Why the heck are you still not happy?

What is that missing piece that will make your life feel right??

You see, most of the modern success metrics measure the wrong thing. It’s like trying to fill a sealed aluminum can by throwing stones at it. It makes a noise but doesn’t fulfil the purpose. The truth is, you can’t fill this internal void with external stuff.


“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

- Albert Einstein

To find real solutions and to truly solve your challenges, you need to make a shift to a different thinking dimension. You and I know that you are capable of that!

Imagine having a guide who will listen to you attentively, mirror your behaviours back to you with no judgement, and ask questions that lead you to fascinating explorations and priceless insights.

Imagine getting together with a handful of successful leaders and tapping into collective intelligence and each others’ experiences to get you on track with your goals and ambitions.

Imagine having a space and time in your calendar to reflect on your life, learn from others, get a deeper understanding of yourself, and level up.

Every. Damn. Week.

Sustainable Leadership Mastermind is this transformational space and time.

This program provides everything you as a leader need to:

Be successful and sustainable on your journey

Be the proactive, visionary leader you want your team to have

Enjoy the way as you go

If you dare to join the program, over the course of six months, you will transform the way you identify yourself, think and act. You will redefine what success is to you and learn to choose happiness daily.

YOUR happiness, that is
unique to YOU

No more second guessing whether you’ve climbed the wrong ladder in life and career

With access to valuable, spot-on training, personalised coaching, and a community of ambitious people with various experiences, you will learn to identify what your true dreams and priorities are, and master prioritising those over the agendas of other people.

No more wondering why you feel void when you accomplish things you’ve once dreamed about

You will train your brain to slow down and enjoy the present moment more. Do not worry, that will not slow down your progress or success. The only result of this process is getting to enjoy the ride and your achievements more, thus generating more energy and lust to go on.

No more feeling like there is nowhere to go when you need to “think at” someone

Daily support of other Masterminders and our team via the dedicated Slack workspace, along with weekly calls and extra community events will make sure you always have space and time to process, reflect, explore, and grow in a safe container where your progress and happiness are the priority.

No more being irreplaceable for your team

We work on your thinking patterns, need to control, and work habits, to rewire the brain for successful delegation and outsourcing. You’ve got brilliant minds around you, and it’s time to let them use their skills to the fullest. While you get to enjoy being in your zone of genius.

The Sustainable Leadership Mastermind is a half-year commitment, minimum.

That’s six months of getting to know yourself, feeling heard and seen, having fun, and building lifelong alliances. Less noise and more clarity. Fewer tasks and more outcomes. And if you want to stay inside the program once the first term is over (and we bet you will), you can surely do so.

We want to see more Leaders who are truly transforming the workplaces and making this world a better place for everyone. And you can be that positive force.

€2900 paid in full

or 6 monthly payments of €495

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So what does it mean to be in the Sustainable Leadership Mastermind?

You get:

Private kick-off call with Anna

Just because it’s a group program doesn’t mean I won’t know you inside and out. We get together (online unless you’re in Iceland) when you join the Mastermind and we dive deep into your motivation for mindshifting. You’ll learn what to expect from the program, how to get the most out of it, and what your focus will be at the start.

One monthly guest speaker call

Business strategy, investments, hottest tech industries, your health and wellness, nutrition, relationships… You name it - we will do it. You bring yourself as a whole being into this Mastermind, and we make sure to help that whole self grow and develop in a balanced, fascinating way.

Three monthly small-group mindshifting calls with Anna

My sessions have been called business therapy, compared to the best Venezian mirrors that never distort the picture, the toughest yet the most gentle love my clients have ever received… You get to be seen and heard, you get to see and hear others, learning that whatever you are going through, you are never alone in that experience. From the first call, you will not want to be left without such support ever again.

Two virtual retreats per term

Getting high-performing leaders to spend time on their own development and wellbeing is like herding cats. Not impossible but little fun. When joining our program, you get two dates on your calendar to clear up and spend on yourself (two days each time). Agenda filled with deep-dive sessions covering all areas of your life, lectures and Q&As with the industry leaders whom you won’t want to let go, and guided time to slow down, look back and reflect, look forward and strategize. Side effect: be ready for rolled eyes of your employees when you storm into the office full of energy and new ideas the day after.

10% off for the in-person
retreats offered by Anna

Martial arts and a silence hike in wintery Iceland? Kicking off summer with a surfing camp in beautiful Portugal? Changing your life trajectory on Camino de Santiago in crispy autumn? All with daily mindshifting workshops, a small community of fantastic humans, delicious food, and stunning nature? Mindshifting camps are experiences that create memories for decades and friendships for life. And you get to know about them first and grab your spots with a juicy discount.

Access to a private podcast
“Sustainable Leadership Navigator”

While walking your dog, getting the reps in the gym, cooking or staring at nature with a cup of coffee in your hand, listen to bite-sized trainings that will set you up for success on your mindshifting journey. I walk you through high-level concepts, share practices and exercises to use, and suggest prompts that will keep you on the right track towards truly sustainable leadership.

Slack community

No matter how much value the calls bring, life happens in between and questions arise. There are frustrations to vent off about, wins to share, and accountability to ask for. The Slack channel has got you covered so that you never feel alone or stagnant on your journey anymore.

So, if you have read aaaallll the way till here, you
know this is the place you want to be. The community
you want to join. The support you want to get.

What are you waiting for?