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Mindshifting Intensive

that magical kick you’ve been waiting for

What is an intensive?

Mindshifting Intensives are designed to help you see your blind spots, set priorities in your life straight, and gain clarity on the next steps that will be easy to execute.

If you ever hiked in the mountains, you might have faced that feeling of standing in the valley, looking at the next peak and the slope leading to it, thinking. “Never in my life can I climb that!”

But there is a path, there are markings, so you give it a go. One step after another, passing one marker after another, you eventually find yourself on that peak. And most often, the path has been easier than what it looked from the valley.

Ironically, many high performers stand in the life valleys, looking at Mount Everest (their life goal), thinking “Never in my life can I jump on there!”

Life is not about jumping to the top of Everest. It’s about planning and executing a wise, safe expedition.

Mindshifting Intensive is your time to look at the map, check the weather forecast, design a route, check that all your equipment is in order, and take the first tiny steps towards the Basecamp.

You will have my eyes and brain fully focused on your life as a whole for 90 minutes and together, we will make sure you walk away from the Intensive feeling unstuck and confident in your power of reaching that top AND enjoying the hike there.

I truly believe in the power of microsteps, so you will leave the Intensive with small, actionable steps that will create momentum and motivate you for bigger shifts in life.

How will this go?

To book the Intensive, you will need to fill out a form with a variety of questions. Don’t get scared by their amount! The Intensive participants say that sitting down with this form is already worth the Intensive investment.

Once you have booked the Intensive, I will review your answers and prepare for the call to provide you with the most value possible.

Next, we get on a Zoom call (or meet in person if you are in Iceland) and dive deep. We look at all areas of your life, your ambitions, fears, and challenges, to identify the root cause issues, and create a game plan for tackling them.

I will:

ask lots of questions that will help you reflect on your life.

mirror your words and behaviours to gently and carefully shine light on your blind spots.

suggest a number of tools and techniques that will help you shift your mind and start implementing in an easy-for-you way.

get you to implement the first microsteps right on the call, to get the ball rolling.

If within 48 hours after the call you decide to entrust me being your expedition guide, the Intensive cost is credited into your Mindshifting Experience investment.

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