In 2018 and 2019, while being pregnant with Maja and then having her as a little baby, I pulled through a project on gender equality. Me and my project partner did our best to educate Ukrainian journalists about the matter, so that their new knowledge would push them create media materials less affected by gender stereotypes. Looking back (and in the moment as well, but now – so clearly!) I see how privileged I was to be able to live in Sweden, receive a grant from their government for this project, use some of my maternity leave to run the project (as I was on the ninth month of my pregnancy when we had the journalists in Sweden for a week of education, and I wouldn’t be able physically to combine that with my work), and have practical support of my dear ones while working hard on the project to happen.

I realised how greatly our environment can help us live our dream, and make a difference in this world while still being able to take care of ourselves. Sure, the environment shall never define our happiness, but it can truly accelerate our progress. And my deep desire is that more people will live in the environment that help them thrive and blossom!

That is why I am investing in meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs, and together learning from the best of the best during Selfmade Summit 2020 in June in Iceland.

The more I learn about gender equality and inequality, the more I see the need for more people to step up. For that, people actually need to get to see “normal” feminists, and not only the extreme cases that push many people away.

Sigrun is one of these “normal” feminists. She grew up in Iceland while the country was led by the first female president – for 16 years! In her childhood, boys would ask whether a man could be a president – since they’ve never seen one themselves. That, and the parents who brought up Sigrun and her siblings to believe they can become anyone in their lives, empowered her and made her unstoppable. But soon enough she would meet older women who didn’t feel fulfilled in life, due to family/husband/parents/fill in the blank. And Sigrun saw how society actually reinforced the inequality and allowed women have these excuses while for men those would not fly. And she decided to live her life changing that. Since several years back, her mission is to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship.

This June Sirgun is organising a two-day conference in the beautiful opera house Harpa in gorgeous Iceland. Two days filled with inspiration, knowledge sharing, meaningful conversations, and beauty. Organising an event like that is a bold move, and I love it! And sure thing, I am joining.

And amazing as she is, Sigrun provides value long before those two days in June! There is a closed Facebook group for participants where knowledge sharing, networking and much more is already happening! So the earlier you hop on – the more time you have to enjoy the ride!

If you want to get into the room with other passionate, successful, eager to learn and share entrepreneurs – grab your ticket below. And I hope to see you in my beautiful new home Iceland! And remember: there is an early bird price till 1st of March!