Are you a Leader who, in the eyes of others, “has it all”: good career, success in the job, family, interesting hobbies? Yet, if you ask yourself, you don’t even feel like you have yourself? Something is out of alignment, and no matter what you do, this something doesn’t get better. You keep reaching new heights hoping that on that new level, you will find that peace of mind and finally feel like you have deserved this journey, like you are in the right place. But with every new level come a disappointment. Because new levels – old devils, if you haven’t handled them on the previous ones. 

That is where I can help. During our work, I am here to ask questions when you need it. To challenge your ways of thinking. To open up your mind to different ways of seeing things. To suggest actions, tools, and techniques. With the accountability support between the sessions, I buzz you so that you keep going. I support you and help you find the energy and motivation when your battery gets low. We work on finding YOUR way of recharging that battery, the way to keep going in a sustainable way. 

Through our work you get a clear picture of yourself, your values, and your situation, learn tools and techniques to process the new insights. You get energy to follow your dreams that are now much more defined and feel significantly closer. You know how you functions, and that makes your leadership more successful because you now have the capacity to focus on your leading and serving people. It’s not going to be easy. But fun and well worth it, I guarantee! So let’s find your zone of Genius Leadership.

What’s included:

– weekly 55-minute calls
– assignments after each call
– support via email

Note: this is a 5-months commitment.