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You’re a high performer, great! Now what?

A crucial factor that is often missed in the conversation about high performance is its sustainability – one’s ability to sustain high levels of performance in the long run. Unsustainable performance behaviors very often result in work-related mental health issues, burnouts, and disengagement in the workplace, leading to loss of productivity, effectiveness, and profits.

What can you do to make your performance not only high but also sustainable?

First, sustainable performance behavior can be learned. It is based on aligning your internal values and drivers with external (business) behavior. It’s a misalignment in this aspect that leads to long-term dysfunction.

In the Sustainable Business Performance Masterclass series, you will explore your own way to designing a long-term success.

The masterclasses complement each other but can also be done individually. Pick what you need most now and join our Sustainable Leaders Society!

Masterclass 1, Sustainable Business Performance: Define

January 4, 2022

In this Masterclass, you will explore your zone of genius – the space that creates a flow of living and ensures clarity about your long-term success. It will help find the answers to the following questions:

“What are my values?”
“How does the best version of myself think, feel, and act?”
“What are my natural gifts?”

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Masterclass 2, Sustainable Business Performance: Clean-up

February 1, 2022

In this Masterclass, you will identify what tasks, thoughts, and habits derail you from your desired course, contributing to the unsustainable ways of performing. It will help manage following doubts:

“I know what I want to change in life, but how? I’m already doing too much.”
“I got into this job with so much passion, but I had no clue about all the extra tasks that come as a bonus to what I love doing. Can’t I just do what I love?”
“My team are looking at me running around and putting out fires while they could help, but I just don’t have the time/trust to delegate to them.”

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Masterclass 3, Sustainable Business Performance: Build

March 1, 2022

In this Masterclass, you will create your ecosystem of sustainable business performance to ensure that your professional behaviors align with your personal goals and values. It will help find answers to the following questions:

“How did I become this person I am today? I don’t like him.”
“I know how to change my life but not now – I’m too busy.”
“I became successful living on 4 hours of sleep per day, that works for me.”

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