Livenar: 3D Leadership: Lead Successfully in Our New Virtual Reality

Date and time: Nov 10th, 11:00 am UTC

How can you lead your people when you don’t meet in person? What can you as a leader do to help your employees keep the company’s strategy in mind daily? What are the ways to nurture corporate culture virtually? And how can you promote well-being in these uncertain times?

Leadership has multiple dimensions, and during November Livenar we will explore it as a 3D model, with dimensions of leading people in formats one-to-many, one-to-one, and one. 

The host Anna Liebel is joined by Johan Danielsson, a leader with over a decade of experience. Join them to hear a mind-shifting perspective on guiding others and learn practical leadership tips based on the most recent research and experience of multiple successful companies.

You will walk away with both a high-level vision of successful leadership and actionable steps to take today, to boost your employees’ well-being and productivity.