I help founders reclaim their genius zone by eliminating reactivity, transforming their leadership, and becoming catalysts of a thriving company culture.

After 6 months of working with me, you as a leader will create a culture where your employees will thrive and produce results you thought only existed in fairy tales. It’s time to stop throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain with seeing your talented people burn out or go to competitors, hiring and educating new people, and losing amazing clients and projects due to your damaged brand image. Let’s focus your time, energy, and money on the things that will make a positive difference for you, your employees, and the company as a whole.

The Problems We Can Solve

Being a leader is a tough job that sometimes feels very lonely. You feel like no-one around can truly understand your struggles. It is hard to be constantly busy putting off fires in your company, managing diverse stakeholders and their interests, navigating the organisation through the economic winter, and being perceived as a leader who is not doing enough.

You know that for a successful growth of your company, a healthy and inspiring organisational culture is essential. But you don’t have time, energy, or skills to create and nurture such culture yourself.

You care for your team and see that they are working too hard. But it’s difficult for you to offload their stress.

Our work will include

☑️ A team development day where I guide you and your employees through the research and best practices of creating a healthy organisational culture for high-performing teams, and we map out the current state of your organisation;

☑️ If necessary, deep dive 1:1 interviews with you and some of your employees into the current challenges;

☑️ Two 1:1 sessions per month where I guide you through the transformational journey and help with current challenges;

☑️ Two group discussions per month for your employees to be fully on board with the transformation;

☑️ A half-day workshop 3 months in, to discuss the progress and plan the second half of our collaboration;

☑️ A half-day wrap-up after 6 months to agree on the strategy for further improvements.

Feel free to reach out to discuss how we can customize this offer to your needs