Mindkicker Jonas Fröjd
This is the last part of the theme “Mindkicking and Minshifting” with Jonas Frörd. You can read about our first […]
Jonas Fröjd Mindkicker
Nature is the foundation for everything and a big part of our core. We should spend more time in nature, […]
Jonas Fröjd - Mindkicker
When we think about leadership, business development, coaches, and training – it’s always about the mind. But how much more […]
lorenzo flores - hacking your leadership podcast
In childhood, it’s easy to get joy from simple things. Sometimes memories from those times make us sad when we […]
Davida Ginter
“Put your oxygen mask first before assisting others” – this phrase could be used not only in terms of emergency […]
Daniel Färnstrand
Leadership begins from leading your own life and making it better. It’s hard to be a good leader of others […]
Having a leadership position is quite fun, but it also requires an incredible power of will to be able to […]
Although it might not be obvious from first sight, oftentimes the tasks and skills needed for leadership are not much […]
The modern world is erasing the borders between eastern and western cultures more and more. The collaborations are not limited […]
Taking responsibility as a leader is extremely demanding and challenging, but being able to coordinate and lead people regardless of […]
In this diverse world, we are constantly trying to connect dots through bridges. Staying closer to the loved ones who […]
A brand can become memorable in a variety of ways: by having a catchy slogan, a simple logo, or great […]