Emma Goldie is a fellow coach from the business accelerator program that I’m involved in called Unstoppable Entrepreneur. She is […]
Hedinn Sveinbjornsson is Iceland’s chief happiness officer. He runs a company called 2happiness where he is working and dedicating all […]
Sofia Appelgren is the founder of Mitt Liv company, which in translation from Swedish means “my life”. Since 2008, Mitt […]
Gunnar Risting is the engagement manager at the IT consultancy in Sweden, called Netlight. I met him through a blog […]
Sesselia Birgisdottir is the director of innovation and marketing at Hagar, which is the leading retail company in Iceland within […]
This piece has originally been published on Startup Iceland blog. In today’s blogpost, I am sharing some takeaways from my conversation […]
What is genius leadership? Jonas Friberg is a co-founder and an ex-corporate leader, facilitator at professional leadership networks, where he […]
Recently I had an interview with Cynthia Blandford, who is an Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Liberia in […]
This piece has originally been published on Startup Iceland blog. I have recently interviewed Hjalmar Gislason, the founder of Reykjavík-based GRID, […]
Every leader inevitably has some tough conversations as a part of their job. Some of us are absolutely fine with […]
Originally published on StartupIceland blog. It’s a new year, and many of us have set some goals for ourselves and […]
Whatever definition you give to good leadership, I am sure it includes giving and receiving feedback. During our Livenar with […]