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Nature is the foundation for everything and a big part of our core. We should spend more time in nature, remembering what’s really important in our lives, stopping for a moment to think about where we are, do we like the way things are going, and what we would like to change.

For the Mindkicker Iceland Edition, Jonas (read about Jonas and his background here) was thinking about how Mindkicker could use nature in a different way than they used it in Sweden with the Castle. We decided to do a hike through a valley leading to a geothermal river. We started at dawn, to literally and figuratively walk from darkness to light. We did the hike in silence, to allow every participant to use the walking time for a deeper reflection and internalize their learnings from the camp thus far. The trail led us to a geothermal river. Our group was alone there, and one of our participants, who is a mountain guide, said, this is very unique that we were alone. That was the beauty of it.

The weather condition on our hike was hard. We had a very slippery trail on the icy path, and rain has been following us on the whole journey. Several of us have been wet down to the underwear, and the boots didn’t really get dry up until the next day. One of the participants, who said before he doesn’t like anything to do with outdoors when it’s winter, was one of the people who enjoyed this hike most. This gives you the perspective of us creating excuses for ourselves and being in our own way.

Participants found that it wasn’t an excuse to just be in their comfort zone. It didn’t break them down, they built strength from it. It’s like the weak spot became actually a strong one. It was a beautiful journey to see. People in our group have been keeping themselves in that comfort zone, and using excuses to stay there. That comfort zone is filled with suffering for many people. Just because it’s called a “comfort zone” doesn’t mean that everyone is happy with it. It was a beautiful observation to see the journey of our Mindkickers. Getting out of that comfort zone, stop listening to their own excuses, stop creating them, trying something, and figuring out a lot of amazing stuff about themselves. The participants understood that they actually are braver, stronger, more curious than they thought of themselves.

We had a very diverse group. In our journey, people had a chance to discuss different things and help each other realize some important points about themselves. They could give their perspective on challenges in their lives. Opening up to each other and exchanging experiences enriched them.

One of the interesting topics on our journey was also the discussion about Groundhog Day. How to break the patterns of the same story day after day after day? How can you find a space for yourself to break out of that pattern? What can you do differently to open up your senses, to open up your mind? To be able to look around yourself and reflect on where you are, where you are going, is where you’re going the place where you want to go? The framings of nature are the perfect environment for that. This is the thing that I want to give to you as a challenge for today – find the mental space to allow yourself to go out, to be in nature, whether it’s five minutes, one hour, whatever it is for you. Find those slots in your day so that you can reconnect with nature and your part of nature. That way you can be reconnected with yourself, your core.

Another important topic was “the chosen truth”. Jonas shared a story about when he worked in coaching he noticed that a lot of people have been choosing the truth about themselves, but it’s not their truth. We are formed by the environment surrounding us, and it can impose someone else’s truth. I had the same thoughts with clients of mine during masterclasses. When people write down their values and we start discussing them, they realize those are not their words and thoughts. Those are the words “How I feel like I should be in a society”. That’s not an example of getting down to your core or reconnecting with it when you realize that this is not the way you want to be as a person. This is not your way, this is just the way that you were given. When you have the self-awareness, strategies, and the courage to start redirecting your life, you can follow your path and not a path that someone else has given to you. It changes the whole world for you and the people around you as well. It’s the perspective of what can happen on your personal development – finding your core and creating or being your real core. It gives you an understanding of the value of training.

Mindkicker can give you a huge pallet of trying different habits, routines, self-leadership strategies, to pick what you like, and what can help you develop and grow. We’re giving our clients a toolbox from which they can choose what to use in different situations.

We also talked about the importance of creating the variety of our movement and how kids can help you reconnect with your core, so to learn more listen to the whole episode of the Genius Leadership podcast with Jonas here.

Stay tuned and be genius!


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