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When we think about leadership, business development, coaches, and training – it’s always about the mind. But how much more could we achieve if we thought about the physical part of our lives that often stays behind? It’s impossible to feel completely fulfilled when you’re working only on your mind and not the body too. This is a problem that the Western world is well known for and which makes us less happy in everyday life.

Jonas Fröjd is a former pro athlete with a martial arts background, Blackbelts in Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), co-creator of Mindkicker – the concept and training that helps people manage stressful situations with physical and mental approaches.

The background of Mindkicker is coming from a previously pro athletes world that Jonas was and still is a big part of. He started training martial arts when he was 15. Back then Jonas wasn’t curious about the background of it, he was interested in the sport, kicking, and the competition side. He wanted to be a world champion one day.

Jonas spent many years traveling around the world, he visited Thailand, Japan, Korea. Back home in Sweden, he got some interesting and surprising insights about the corporate world: everyone is competing with each other to perform better, sell more, but no one is actually prepared for this. People are competing without training and it’s the opposite of how things are in the sports world.

Jonas met people who had been burned out because of a stress-related environment at work. He realized that the mental training through his sports career also helped others in their private life and work, it prepared them for the difficult situations they could encounter.

Later he met Rebecka Gabrielsson, who was a mental trainer for sportspeople in different areas. By combining their competence and experience, Jonas and Rebecka created Mindkicker – a combination of physical and mental training that helps people to overcome their fears, identify blocks and patterns that are not serving them well, and find strategies to get past those. The mission of Mindkicker is to eliminate all unnecessary stress in the world.

There are lots of different leadership courses, so Jonas and Rebecka wanted their training to be unique. Their goal was to take people out of their usual conditions and put them in a really exciting environment, that can help them grow. That’s how the idea with the castle was born. Engsholms Slott in Sweden is a beautiful harmonious place far away from the noise of the city, surrounded by forest and water, and this place has become home for Mindicker.

And from 2022, Mindkicker has an Icelantic Edition, with an emphasis on the stunning nature of the island. The first camp took place in January, creating space for transformation for the brave souls who dared to meet themselves and face the Icelandic rough winter, to learn more about their fears, challenges, strengths, and dreams.

To learn more about this concept, listen to the whole episode of the Genius Leadership podcast with Jonas here.

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