Petri Kajander is the definition of a business artist, a person who makes the magic happen in business. Although Petri would prefer to not put labels on people, it’s inevitable to explain who the person is without some of them. Petri’s mission is to empower individuals to create an inspiring global humane society. He is passionate about building the future with cross-growth companies, and he’s usually helping founders to make better decisions in a fast, efficient, and fun way. And that work brings new ideas, new customers, partners, funding, and higher valuation, and a burning successful grant growth of companies that are at the scaling phase in their life cycle.

Petri claims that his mind has always been silent. A lot of leaders ask me how to get there, so I wanted to share his experiences with my audience, to get in Petri’s mind and learn how to have space for ourselves to reflect, to be, and to make this a natural state.

Petri himself thinks that he never had trouble calming his mind down because he was born this way. However, he understands that a lot of people struggle with constant noise and worries, or creative ideas just pulling you apart. Most of us probably have those moments when you’re in the shower or you’re cleaning and your mind just seems empty for a second. When people are doing something manually the mind is not occupied in a regular activity, so it can rest. That’s when the magic happens, the most creative ideas come to mind, and it’s important to learn how to catch those moments and how to remove everything out of your head to get to that point.  

The main problem why people can’t clear their mind is that people are too busy. Constant meetings, programs, seminars, etc. create chaos and stress in life, and in those moments, it’s really difficult to do something fun. But creativity doesn’t come by command, you have to let go of a lot of things and to some extent even be bored to find more interesting ways out of the situation.

Petri suggests a few things people can do to calm their minds down. But each approach is very individual and might work better or worse depending on the person. One of the things to set everything aside is, of course, meditation.

Nothing wrong with being bored

Be bored – boredom is the key to a lot of creative things. You have to let a lot of things disappear to be bored, but in the end, you will be surprised at how many alternatives to do something fun the brain is going to come up with instead.

You have to structure your life in a way that will allow such things as boredom and quiet moments to happen. There’s a lot of techniques for that. For example, if you’re talking about business, you can take fewer meetings if you have hired brilliant people. You should make sure that values are aligned and your people are going in the right direction and let the other people do their job. This idea has been mentioned by many of my podcast guests when we discuss leadership. Let your people play! Trust them. When you give them responsibilities, make sure to also give them the space and power to get things done. This creates space for you to get calm, bored, thus creative.

Motion is not progress

Oftentimes motion does not mean progress, it means simplification. Your inner serenity is reflective of your outer being. It’s easy to move. It’s easy to run around. It’s easy to jump into action. But it’s the opposite, not to do those things, that can elevate your and create that peace we all are craving these days. Doing things is easy, but not doing things is the hard part which is the key to a lot of solutions. So in order to get your mind silent, you have to restructure your life. 

You also have to weigh your priorities as well. It requires a lot of mental inner work you need to do in order to then gain the good things by practice.

The quiet mind helps you to observe things and not take any positions. Although there’s no full objective reality, it really helps to stop and see what’s actually happening and not what you think is happening. This helps you question things in the right way and develop your curiosity. That is what helps you be a better leader, a greater partner, and a happier human being.

If you are interested in learning more about the power and ways of saying no as well as planning our lives and using different approaches to scheduling the day, listen to the whole episode here.

Stay tuned and be genius!


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