Roelof Vuurboom has been actively involved in the IT industry for the past 40 years, working with large and small companies, product development and business development, business management, and sales. Roelof always liked to share his knowledge and experience with others, and recently he decided that he wants to do so through mentoring startup founders.

When we connected with Roelof, I found his content very valuable and when we started talking, we realized very soon that we have similar goals and values in our mentoring, but vastly different approaches for it. This post is about how we got this idea and arrived at where we are now. 

In his mentoring, Roelof approaches young people, who have a level of grounding in what they are doing, but need a bit of tips in order to improve their performance to be successful. My audience ended up being completely the opposite: people who are already high-achieving, but for whatever reason started losing their grounding. The fact that we approached a spectrum of people who want to be successful from two opposite sides led us to the idea of creating a common space, where everyone will be able to find necessary resources to work on their weak spots, and combite maturity and sustainable performance. This community is called Helix of Success – a free online space where you can always find valuable, thought-provoking content, and people willing to create an impact in the world around them.

The main goal of this community is to gather people who share a passion with us and would like to nurture it further. We want everyone to have a possibility to continuously explore themselves and the world around, and share their learnings and findings with others. Roelof and I combined our views and experiences in order to help our audiences see different approaches to the struggles they have and explore the ways to overcome them. 

When Roelof and I talk about the purpose of this group, the analogy of a tree comes to mind: it can only grow and perform if it is properly rooted (grounded). But in order to ground (root) itself more, it must grow and perform. And this is what Helix of Success is. Another analogy that springs to mind is that of a high jumper who needs the strength and performance to jump but at the same time needs solid grounding to push off and jump from.

Our conversation covers a lot of personal insights and reasons for creating such a place, and also we discussed our ways of working with clients, so if you would like to hear more about what kind of approaches and materials to expect from Roelof and I, feel free to listen to the podcast here.  

The contents of the group come not only from our own writings or thoughts, we also share posts and information from other leaders and encourage people to join in for discussions or share valuable materials with the rest of the community. So please, join us and enjoy your personal growth!

Stay tuned and be genius!


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