Emma Goldie is a fellow coach from the business accelerator program that I’m involved in called Unstoppable Entrepreneur. She is a mindset mentor who developed a unique methodology called polarity navigation to overcome belief and behavioral patterns and our own limitations. She uses a powerful, systematic and specific tool, customized for leaders to navigate the balance between professional and personal lives, leaning into self-care and passion to bring about change and peace.

Emma and I have many passions in common, for instance focus on self-care and balance between you as a professional, as a leader, and as a human being. These topics became the inspiration for our conversation, and in this blogpost I would like to show the part of the interview concerning the importance of taking a break to move forward faster.

Emma much like I agrees that it’s essential to take breaks while working in order to gain momentum. Paradoxically enough, one has to be in complete and peaceful state rather than always having to achieve. Resting can help your identity to come out, therefore bringing you out of fixation state. The only issue with that is people kind of get scared of losing the momentum. But through taking such breaks you slow down to speed up. It’s almost like getting into a heightened and more elevated state where the frequency is higher, where the census is lower. It’s like going back to your “base” to avoid the days when you are trying and trying but just can’t communicate the message. It resets you and gives you a head start.

This kind of rest also helps to fill in the missing pieces in relationships, because it balances things out. By stepping out of your roles and taking a break from being the version of you that everybody around is attached to somehow, you get a chance to create a much bigger and better sense of self, which in its turn positively affects others.

Taking a break changes you from being tense and afraid of change into freeing up and growing as a person. Instead of stretching yourself thin to be able to manage everything, grow to cover new areas, it almost helps you remember more of who you are and releases the tensions, which are sticking in the system in different ways. 

A couple of tips that you can take with you is to be conscious, to be looking and observing slightly differently. And just to speak to people around you, whether they’re colleagues or partners, or friends or family, just to say, “I’m doing a little bit of work on myself and things might be a little bit strange for a couple of weeks”. That’s often the most uncomfortable step to make, but having everyone on board at the end feels really good. 

Sometimes, however, it can be threatening for other people that you are trying to change, and there might be a pushback of people not wanting you to change. So it’s a matter of navigation. Emma calls this system “polarity navigation”, because you’re navigating your internal world and your external world, the environment, your timing, the work hours, to get real with yourself. It’s a gentle process and you get the results. You need to bring the feeling of peace into your everyday life and workplace and productivity, since it helps to bring a better momentum and a better focus when you’re in the zone and have an ability to switch off, when needed.

If you are interested to find out more about Emma’s story and her tips on how to keep the momentum for a long time, tools to stay productive, effective, and aligned with your vision, finding balance through thinking about yourself as an ecosystem and other things, listen to the whole conversation here.

Stay tuned and be genius!


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