Every Friday is a special day to look forward to, as by tradition I host amazing people who share their knowledge and warmth (feels like Christmas with its presents almost here).

Last week’s gift was Amy Lewis, who revealed to us some secrets of self-care and easing into it. The conversation turned out to be deeply personal and absolutely empowering, that’s why I urge to share with you.

Where are you at the moment? Country, city, name of the street, building, piece of furniture. Perfect, you are aware of this part. Where are you at mentally? This one is trickier. It is about “fitting in” or “finding your place” – says Amy.

It happens: we feel down, it is normal to sometimes feel a lack of energy, there is nothing wrong with being stuck. Sincerely admitting to Amy that the last two months of my life have been tense, I wondered how she prioritized self-care. Here are some tips to help you out:

Acknowledge your “No”
It might be complicated when you are moving towards your goal thinking it is natural to sacrifice some of your pleasure. However, it should be a red flag for you, if you continue doing things and they are not what you want. “Is this the way you want to live your life?” – Amy asks. Be clear on what specifically you don’t want. Your answer is the big step to change.

Explore yourself
You don’t want to burn the bridges and have nothing to cling to. Your brain needs an alternative. Try to figure out what is truly important to you. After all, peace with yourself comes first, and then you can work on a strategy. Look for new possibilities if you are not satisfied with your results. Ask for help if it is too much to carry for you now.

You need to pause your spinning mind somehow. And no, this is not through forcing it to shut. The secret sauce is meditation.
1. Plunge into practice gradually by meditating 5 minutes, but do it daily. It is normal to not be able to sit calmly for even 5 minutes if your mind is in a constant hectic state. Just allow yourself to try.
2. Focus on your breath: choose the kindest and the most comfortable position, start deepening your breath. When you concentrate on you inhales and exhales you shift away from “I have to”. This is the calmness you want to experience – noticing and listening to your breath.
3. Pay attention to your body: notice how you feel, what you smell, where you might be clinching, find tightness. Focus your thoughts on what you want to feel, just one word.
4. If meditation is really challenging, you can try shower breathing. Carve out this precious time for you putting away your to-do lists, thoughts or podcasts you usually take with you (everything genius is simple, thank you, Amy!). Listen to the water, listen to your breath.
5. Be grateful. Thank yourself, appreciate this moment of awareness. Find just one simple thing that makes you happy and says thanks for it.

More than ever, it is clear that harmony with yourself comes first. Then we can practically apply your minds, make up a strategy, and take over the world. Maybe this is exactly what we need: ask for help and get supported?

Just this week Amy is launching her incredible free5-day Masterclass series. She’s going to teach you her secrets to Finally Fall in Love With YOU to create an inspired, aligned business and life you adore. I’m in this Masterclass series and I’m loving it!! Aaaand, she is doing daily guided meditations, to make the start easy for you!

Remember, you are not alone! “We will walk beside you” – supports Amy. If you need some professional guidance and support, explore the possibilities opening in Amy’s community.

With all my love and care,


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