During our lives, we sometimes feel the need to be guided. Things can get hard and unpredicted and it’s only a matter of time before someone will start to seek help from outside. The same thing happened to me. And prior to anything else, I decided to dive into therapy and training.

Working as a full-time freelancer comes with a lot of additional issues. With power comes great responsibility, they’ve said. Well, I feel it! When I started my journey as a freelancer, managing a 9to5 at the same time, it was only logical to be stressed out and tired (or so I thought). I was constantly questioning myself and hard enormous imposter syndrome.

The main question I used to ask myself is “Why would anyone want to work with me?”.

Thankfully, that time passed as I gained more knowledge and competence and became more confident in my own knowledge. I was actively seeking projects and jobs with great organizational culture, as I knew that I can thrive if people around me want me to.

When we started to work together with Anna, it was clear that she was interested in bringing the best out of me. During our LIVE stream training session, we shared a few thoughts on different topics and I’d want to give you a quick summary and practical tips from my side on all that knowledge that I gained.

Be wise with how you use your knowledge.
It’s common not to do what you’ve planned for yourself at 16. In fact, the majority of young adults get their education and start working in a different field. Same happened to me – I got my Bs degree in Computer Science and Applied Math and haven’t worked a single day on that position.
Though it might not be directly connected to what I’ve studied, I can still harvest the fruits of my hard labour and use that knowledge in my current career. Thinking outside the box can help me diversify my own portfolio and help more clients to achieve their goals.

Dream job != 100% enjoyment
Why do people continue to believe that your dream job should satisfy you 100%? Why do our parents tell us that if we find a dream job, we will never have to work one day (as presumably, it should feel like something else). Well, I don’t believe it.
No matter how much you love your job, there always going to be times when you have low motivation or energy levels, daunting tasks or unpleasant clients. But the level of commitment that you signed yourself to is not something that you can just get rid of easily and it should be OK.
If there would be no challenges, you would not see your personal growth, so I believe we should be more than grateful for those opportunities to practice our resistance towards being unproductive and delivering the best we can in any situations.

It’s OK to take your time.
As a person with a lot of anxieties at the present moment, I sometimes forget to remind myself that I am a human being too! Sounds silly, but think about it: we expect things from ourselves and others without even thinking: What is my physical and mental capacity today? How much can I accomplish before I’ll start to drain my energy?
When feeling lost or frustrated, remember the advice that Anna gave me and take three deep breaths. Give yourself time to wind down and then you can look at your current situation from a new perspective.

If you also feel like you need someone to train you, make sure that you check our Facebook group.

Wishing all the best, Nina Kozhyna


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