Majority of our lives we spend in a working field – possibly obtaining a university degree, switching from one career to another. With an average of 5-6 career switches in the workforce in 2018, it’s only logical to believe that we also will inevitably look for more opportunities in our life.

We sat down with Annisa Brown on my recent LIVE stream, and she shared lots of useful tips on how to work towards your dream career(s). Some of the tips are just too good to be kept in silence.

1. Test it out before you dive deep in it.
When thinking about changing career, it’s important to be fully grounded and understand the reality that you are looking for. Often we romanticise career paths and jobs and do not think about all the things that we might not enjoy in the chosen workplace.

To test out if something is truly interesting for you, find connections in the field that you want to work in and hold some information interviews with them. Ask them about their positions, everyday routine, best and worst moments.

It can also help to write down your career goals and make sure that you understand the trajectory of where you want to go.

2. Be mature
One of the common ideas that people get about switching professions is to walk out the door to never come back. Think about all the stories mass media is teaching us:

a successful manager wakes up one night realizing that managing is not his calling. The first thing he does next morning is going to work, signing resignation papers, then selling everything he owns to move to Bali and live by the ocean…

Sounds like a bit of fairytale, right? Yet, those stories shape our minds into thinking that only burning all the bridges will help us to start new beginnings. In reality, the best transitions are smooth. So give yourself some grace – you don’t need to burn all bridges to get to your dream! Remember about the power of a microstep.

3. Be surrounded by like-minded people
Even if you are not ready to begin your dream job, you can always start with something small. A lot of careers ask for an additional training or the whole degree and while you are looking into ways to get one, it’s also a good idea to start working in your chosen field on other positions. Start with something that will get you access to people and corporate culture and slowly progressing you will get to the position that you dreamed of. Be open-minded here, take in volunteering possibilities, or a different kind of work at your dream company. Being a receptionist there will give you much more insight in their daily work and needs than googling, and by the time you have that desired degree, you already have practical understanding of the company’s reality as well.

You also have to nurture your career – get professional development. It can come in a form of training, internships, new responsibilities and even volunteering. When you are working towards a long-term goal all efforts are to be counted.

No matter if you are starting or pivoting your career right now or just thinking about it, these tips can help you not only get a new position but also to level up your current game. What will be your next step for boosting your career? Write down in the comments and our Facebook group!

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