In the self-development industry a lot of times we hear the word “fearless” or “fearlessness” thrown around. We tend to believe that it is the correct way to be – without any fear. But it is true?

As we started to talk about flavours of fear in the latest post, there are four more flavours that we need to discuss.

Flavour 4. Fear of inadequacy

Most of the time we see other people thriving and start to compare our journey and success to theirs. What happens when we compare ourselves to others is that we contribute to the message that we are not worthy, the one that we already get from media and society.

It’s good to remember to differentiate your value and your worth. The value is what you bring to your clients, customers, company etc. Your worth is what is your from the beginning and it’s already intact. Just because some else does well in their business does not mean that your worth is less. Start by asking yourself questions:

What if you knew that deep down your worth is intact?
What if you knew that you can always increase your value?
What if you can attract the success you desire?

Flavour 5. Fear of sacrifice

This fear is about thinking that you need to give up so much in order to become successful in life. This fear puts you in a situation when you feel that you can either have this or that. It’s important to remember, that it’s only in your head and that you can indeed get both. Here are some ways to overcome this fear:

What if you can have this and that?
What if you can have it all, but just not at the same time?
What if doing both sets a certain example for your kids, spouse and friends?

Flavour 6. Fear of fatal mistakes

This is more than a fear of failure. It’s an idea that you will be so miserable that you’ll get divorced, lose your job, stop talking to the whole family and live in a cardboard box under the bridge. Basically, it’s a symptom that you ack trust in your self and your decision-making abilities.

What if you can fully trust your inner wisdom on your journey?
What if you know what you are doing?
What if you trust yourself completely and how it will change your understanding of your work, money and relationships?

Flavour 7. Fear of scarcity.

You might have this fear if you always think that there is not enough money, opportunities, work, free time etc. It leads to the conclusion that you are stuck and it’s the maximum you can get in life.

In reality, it means you don’t set the right boundaries. There are a couple of ways you can What-if your way out of scarcity:

What if this feeling that there is not enough of something gives you a chance to prove how creative you are?
What if you can navigate through this feeling quickly because you always make aligned decisions?
What if this is a chance for you to work on what’s really important to you?

There is always a way we can set ourselves and our minds free from fear, we just need to know how to talk to ourselves and bring back some confidence in ourselves, our decisions and our capacity to do whatever we want to.

With all my love and care,


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