What is your key moment to try building a new happier and healthier life? Is it a New Years Eve, beginning of summer or your birthday? For all of us, we are trying to find that specific date from which our lives will magically change and everything will be so much better, but is it even possible?

To begin with, I feel obliged to remind myself and all of you that I’m not a dietologist or a health expert, and if you struggle with anything – seek out professional help.

Have you ever made a New Years resolution? Maybe you wished to get thinner, start waking up before the sunrise or even run a marathon! But wait… what happens with all of those dreams and ideas?

If we look into statistics, only 10% of people who come up with resolutions of some sort (New Year, birthday or typical “I’ll start from the next Monday”) will achieve what they have planned to.

Mainly we don’t stick to resolutions simply because we set too high expectations to ourselves. The goals we are thinking about aren’t realistic and can’t come true in the period that we plan for them. We may also be victims of “false hope syndrome”. False hope syndrome is described by a person’s unrealistic expectations about the likely speed, amount, ease and consequences of changing their behaviour.

For some it takes a vicious circle of pain and self development to get to the point B. To change our behavoiur, we need to start from changing mindset. Here are some tips that may help you:

Focus on what’s important. We may think that we can do it all, but in reallity, we don’t. To achieve great results we should rather focus on one thing at a time than try to cover all issues at once. If you do it smart, you can start with a keystone habit that will trigger other habits and change your lifestyle.

Keep yourself accountable. Letting family and friends know that you have a goal to achieve will act as both a safety barrier and a face-saver. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support from those around you. It can be difficult to change a habit by yourself, so make sure that you have people who can cheer you up, such as your local community, Facebook friends or even your YouTube channel subscribers!

Start simple. Some habits and systems will most definitely support you on your journey to a happier and more mindful lifestyle. Things like eating whole foods, regular exersice in any form and practicing stillness will serve you as a basis for your future achievemetns. Try to follow the 80-20 rule, strive to follow guidelines most of the time (at least 80%), letting yourself occasionally go off the rails and doing it mindfully.

Summer is almost over and in the last summer week’s LIVE I’ll be joined by Lies Helsloot, an author, busy mom, serial entrepreneur, and currently CEO of 2 businesses. Check out Lies’ 14-day walking challenge or join us on Friday 28th for a nice conversation about taking YOU time and getting better health.

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