During one of my life sessions I received a question from a trainee:

How do you know what recharges you? As for me, I make sure to train as recommended to keep my body and mind healthy, but I feel even more tired after the training than I was before.

Basics are non-negotiable. If we can get enough of sleep, that’s something that charges us all, the same goes for good nutrition and being at peace with yourself. That doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect, but rather you have guidelines to follow.

By all means, I’m not a nutritionist or dietologist so I’ll not give you like specific advice. At the same time it’s important to keep an eye on that and if you have issues with energy or with your health, consult with a professional and find the way to listen to your body. Like I mentioned, hydration and movement are some of those basic physical things that we need to keep an eye on, as well as your mental health and proper sleep. Remember about the circle of concern and circle of influence: you are an expert in your life and body, so make sure that your schedule gives you space to practice those mindfulness habits – go to bed at a convenient time, eat a balanced diet for your lifestyle, use exercises to practice stillness and give your body ability to more freely.

It’s also important to remember, then when we talk about movement, it doesn’t always mean going to the gym or taking Pilates class. Different people and bodies need a different approach. Look for a way of exercising that you enjoy, there are plenty to be found! To understand that is beneficial for yourself, give it a try – practice something for a month or two and see how it influence your life.

On the other hand, how do we define those things that recharge us? I would suggest looking back at your childhood when you were the most authentic self and remember that brought you joy at those times. It may sound naïve or childish, but trust me, you’ll find yourself sitting in the room with a smile on your face when trying to recall those memories, just like I do.

Take me for example. Being a child I used to love puzzles, and I still do. This activity could get me into the flow state, when I completely lose count of time, forget about food and sleep and even uncomfortable position I’m sitting in during the whole process.

Later in my teenage years, I discovered my love for psychology. Nowadays I practice it by coaching people and it brings me joy, but back in time, I was fascinated by humans’ behaviour patterns and mindset, yet, reading about it was still quite challenging. I remember my father bought me a book that wasn’t written in the simplest language, but it was still covering a lot of basics of human psychology. Though, because it was a present from my dad, I was sceptic about it and took a distance at the time from this interest of mine.

Funny enough, I still came back to this passion, as it’s something that recharges me. After doing it for over a decade I started to work more precisely in this area of my life and turn it into my profession.

What are the things or activities that recharges you?

With all my love and care,


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