Ever felt like one thing leads to another and at some point you find yourself at the bottom of everything?

Last week I was on a quite intense vacation: road trip, 4 adults and an active toddler (You guessed right, I was also working during the trip). Sure, I’m used to being tired after the vacation as my family always finds an active way to rest from routine work and lifestyle.

At first, everything was fine, but with days passing I started to struggle from lack of sleep. In a few days my eating habits got worse.

We all know, sleep is a crucial part of our regulation system (that’s the system in our bodies that helps to regulate physical and emotional exhaustion and maintains its functionalities). Getting enough sleep is scientifically linked to not only being more productive but also affects our anxiety tendencies, memory and much more.

It’s only natural to overeat when we don’t get enough sleep. Spending more time awake leads to using more energy. To compensate that energy deficiency, our body does what it can – give us signals to think that we are hungry. Since at that stage we are tired, we tend to be less disciplined about our food choices.

What is important, this trend not only influences our habit of eating clean, but also other (so-called productive or positive) habits that we work on really hard to build.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue. By hanging our habits to other ones we create a no-failure system that helps us to be more consistent with habits even in difficult times. Let’s take vitamins as an example. If you are a person who tries to take prescribed vitamins regularly, your best choice is to link this habit to another, for example, breakfast. Set a reminder system to take a vitamin right before or after your first meal of the day. Need more water in your system, but fail to remember to drink it? Have a glass or a mug ready on your countertop and fill it up every time you drink some coffee – this way you’ll make sure to stay hydrated.

This link is a powerful thing. Both in a positive and a negative way. One change in a habit creates a ripple effect, like a splash creates ever-growing circles on the water surface. So question to you is: what kind of first splash do you want to create?

The keystone habit is the first one for you to decide on. Sit down and reflect, probably even write it on a paper, what are the habits that you currently struggle with and are easy to implement? After that, create a list of 2-3 habits to link to the keystone one. Don’t forget to think about the connection between them and start implementing the first one. As soon as you find yourself in the situation that you no longer need to push yourself to keep up with the keystone habit, start working on that connection that you’ve written down before.

Make sure that you share your habits in our Facebook group. It’s a safe space for you to find an accountability buddy and work on gradually making your life better. Let me know what habits you’ve decided to implement this week and share your thoughts about this post.

With all my love and care,


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