How often do you listen to yourself? Not just to the sound of your voice, but also the whisper of your thoughts, cry of your desires and silence of your pains?

This week, I want to share with you a lesson, that my daughter taught me. Currently my family and I re travelling in the North of Iceland: me, my husband, our daughter and my in-laws. Five of us do it at a different pace, depends on the situation. Some days we stay only for a night and then cover a great distance in between, others – we rent a hut for a week and take it easy, exploring the neighbourhood and surrounding areas.

At one of those moments my young daughter just couldn’t take it anymore. She lost it.

It was quite an intense day; we tried to go for a hike, but she would demand attention in any way: trying to get on me, being indecisive. The moment I picked her up, she would cry and try to get down and vice versa. I tried many things: carrying her in a rucksack, walking by her side and many more. Nothing worked. So I decided to separate from others and let her be. While family went to explore the canyon, my daughter and I stayed where we were and started to walk slowly towards the car, in her pace. It was almost dinner time and the day was intense, especially taking in consideration there were always people around her, all the time.

I just gave her a break. As soon as everyone left she just sat there and started to play with the dust. When the guys came back in forty minutes, she was still sitting there in silence. Playing with the dust.

I was amazed, sitting there and observing her. I decided not to interact with her, barely talked at all and gave her some time.

It was astonishing to see, that even though she is too small to express with words what she wants, she still knows it in her mind. All she wanted to be some peace, time away from others, just her thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, I wish I were the same. Surely, I’ve gotten much better in recent years, but it’s still no the same level that I’d like it to be.

We spend so much time committing to other people, ideas, things to do, that we almost forget to be true to ourselves. It’s not a surprise, that all of us need time to slow down and reflect.

This week I’ve learned two things:

This week I’ve learned two things:

First things first, I want my daughter to be the way she is. I can’t live with an idea of being that kind of parent, who kills that inner peace in the child. Adults quite often believe that it’s all about commitment to others, when, in reality, it’s always about committing to yourself.

Secondly, I want to learn the lesson myself. I am that kind of person, who always wants to serve others and help them in their struggles and successes. But even I need to remember: without inner peace and letting yourself to slow down from time to time, you won’t achieve all the things that you’ve planned.

All of us must listen to ourselves in those situations and life. Out health and well-being should always be a priority, no matter what. Without it, we can’t help others in the long term. When are you going to invest in yourself for the long term?

Always keep in your mind: it’s not a marathon, it’s not a sprint, it’s not 100 meters run.

It’s an ultra-marathon with a couple of hundred kilometres and you need to be in this game with the right mindset.

Sustainability is the key.


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