When you want the navigation app in your phone show you the way to your destination, you’d better share the current location with it, right? Otherwise, you get an awkward route that doesn’t fit you at all. The same goes for our self-development journey.

It’s good to know where you are heading, and it’s essential to understand where you are at the moment – to be able to figure out the way in between. In some workshop done a couple of years ago by a career coach Elena Rezanova, we did an exercise imagining our lives in the forms of “so-so” and “awesome”.

We had to describe each of these scenarios – how different aspects of our lives look like. Then we would start noting which scenario are we contributing to with our everyday actions and decisions. I use that exercise with some of my coachees, but in a slightly different way, and I would like to share the process with you.

Often during our coaching sessions, we get to work on the areas of life that my clients are not very happy about. Meaning in this exercise, the description of the “so-so” scenario is a description of the current situation. Not in all aspects, of course, but enough to feel unsettled, in a negative way. So if you are not completely satisfied with how you live your life, follow this process and let me know what your findings are!

1. Describe a “so-so” scenario of your life. Where do you live then? How does your home look like? What are you working with? How is the work environment? How are your relationships? What are your habits, hobbies, and lifestyle?
2. Similarly, portray the “life is awesome” scenario in details.
3. Identify the differences between respective answers from the “so-so” and “awesome”. Can you see any way to transform one into another?
4. Start breaking down the gap into smaller gaps so that you would be able to fill in each of them by some actions.

Think: the navigator doesn’t tell you “jump south-east 10 km, and you have reached your destination”. It breaks down the route for you – “follow the street for 500 m, then turn left”, and so on. I want you to be a navigator in your life right now and design the route step-by-step. Be creative here – if you don’t see any obvious actions, write some playful, non-serious ones there, just to get your mind in the right mode. If you are stuck, ask others for guidance – what would they do in this situation, how would they get from point A to point B? Their answers don’t have to become your truth, but they can help you see some ways you might be ignoring, or identify the way you don’t want to go. Once you have mapped out the way to fill the gap between you and your ultimately joyful life, it will be time to start following the route. But that is a conversation of its own and requires a separate post.

For now, work on the clarity about your current location and destination, and outline that route in between. Let me know how this exercise went for you. What was easy? What have you struggled with? Did you get any unexpected insights? What’s your main takeaway from this practice?

If you want to get my help with this work, it’s still not too late to join my free three-day challenge that starts today! For three days, we will be working on defining your current location, desired destination and the optimal way between them! Register here and see you on the inside!

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