The stress and uncertainty suddenly added to our lives now by the outbreak of COVID-19 has made it clear to me how powerful Integration of habits into our everyday life is.

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With the spread of the Internet, we have access to so much Information

With the development of technology, we can reach a source of Inspiration in a single click.

With the spread of social media, we can find a community to support the Implementation of the knowledge, based on the Information and Inspiration we seek.

Once we have implemented the stuff, we rise a question: are we good enough or rather, are we ever done with self-development? Do those habits and skills stay with us until the last breath?

This crisis caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 has shown me how essential the fourth “I” is – Integration.

Let’s take a trivial example of brushing teeth. When you were a small kid, your parents started brushing your teeth even before you could understand why. The more conscious you were getting, the more they were explaining to you the reasons for and importance of brushing teeth daily. That’s the first “I” – Information.

You might have seen a person with bad teeth – in real life or on a pic – and got scared (most of us are easy to impress as kids). Suddenly it comes to your mind; you might become that person in front of you when not willing to brush your teeth. So you go and do this chore. That would be an example of the second “I” – Inspiration.

Slowly brushing teeth becomes a habit of yours. You go to the bathroom in the morning, see your toothbrush and do the chore. You don’t question its necessity anymore – you know it has to be done. That’s Implementation.

Have you ever ended up in a situation when you go travelling or change your environment in any other way, and suddenly you forget to brush your teeth? That’s where you can see whether Integration has worked for you. If you have truly integrated the practice of brushing teeth daily, a change of your state of mind or the environment around would not contribute to forgetting about this habit. It won’t happen to you that suddenly one day you realise: “Holy Moly”, you haven’t brushed your teeth for a month!

Integration is the key to our mindset, our habits and our life in general. You could have done that online workshop on positive affirmations, but what’s its worth if you forget how to affirm yourself in the face of the stress or self-doubt? 

I bet you have experienced that at least once in your life. You find some information on the Internet, you get inspired by reading blogs, you sign up for an online course or a Facebook challenge to implement the stuff. A year (or even a month) later you realise that your ardour is gone, and you are back to square one.

So, how do you work on integrating those aspects of life that are important to you? By repetition and sticking to the practice while intentionally getting out of your comfort zone and everyday environment. That way you create that neural wiring in your brain that will send the triggers to action or right thought even when the world around you changes.

Our world is in crisis right now. Meaning, you are most probably living outside of your comfort zone – be it due to uncertainty with your work, fears regarding the health of yours and your dear ones, or the struggle of the new environment of a home office, being 24/7 with your family or suddenly on forced unpaid leave.

Yes, this time is tough. But you can also see it as a time to exercise Integration of habits and practices that are important to you. 

So give yourself some time, sit down and reflect. Make a list of habits you want to have in your life no matter what and think about how you can integrate them in your days right now. Then make sure to allocate time to actually do them! Put reminders all around – like sticky notes and alarms. Tell your dear ones about your ambitions and ask them to hold you accountable. Let me know about them in the comments below or in private – and I will do my best to support you on the way!

Now is the time to level-up your life and improve your wellbeing.

If we manage to do so while our lives are turned upside-down, we will come out as stronger human beings on the other side. If you don’t have anyone to be your accountability buddy, join my closed Facebook group – I am building a supportive community where everyone helps each other stay on track with their growth. And with the integrated actions that are aligned to your values, you will be able to keep that strength and carry it on making this world a better place.

With all my love and care,

Let me challenge you for good

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