So, the things are stressful right now. There are risks, uncertainty, fear, limitations… Are you affected by the COVID-19 – be it mentally, financially, physically or otherwise? I bet you are.

I want to be helpful to as many of you Gals as possible now!

I am a good listener – people have been opening up to me with their deepest traumas and fears, and I have been able to help.

I am very curious about people – meaning I always ask lots of questions, am never judgemental and I truly want to understand how it is to be in your shoes when I talk to you.

I am a good coach – I am passionately empathetic, even though this might sound like a weird word combo. My passion means I am not afraid to ask tough questions and challenge you. My empathy means that whatever your reactions and answers will be – I will be there for you as your best supporter and cheerleader.

And now I want to use all these strengths of mine to help you go through the tough period – for free, no strings attached.

-> I open up free coaching calls that you can book via my scheduling site. There’s only one opening per day – when Maja is napping. I can’t commit to more because when she is awake, there is no guarantee of an hour that I can focus on you and you only. If you feel stressed, lost or anxious – book the “Stress handling call” with me here.
-> I have created a free five-day program called “Handle Stress In Times Of Uncertainties”. You can sign up to participate here.

Next week – starting March 23rd, I go live in my closed Facebook group at 20:15 CET / 15:15 EST.

Each day I offer three areas to focus on or three exercises/practices that will help you handle stress, anxiety and fear. We will be working on creating a structure for you to have your direct environment as your support – not as another stress factor.

Each day has a theme – Stress, Basics, Values, Practicalities and Social.

Each live is interactive. And I am available during the week to help you integrate the exercises and practices in your daily life.

All you need to do is show up, and be there with your open mind and a will to take control of what you can control – and to let go of the rest.

Again, to participate, sign up here! The time now is tough. In many ways it’s the toughest period most of us have ever experienced. But with right mindset and through being together we are strong and we will get out of the crisis that has started.

With all my love and care,


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